Basics, Services offered by the Swiss SaveCoat
Repair Departement

hile the SaveCoat distribution network will be expanded there are regions and countries without acknowledged local distributors supporting you with our products and services. To grant best possible “after sales and repair support” the Swiss based SaveCoat Repair Departement offers direct support to SaveCoat (SC7, SC10) users. These services are exclusively for clients located in regions without local distributors – others will be strictely forwarded to our distributors!
The services of the Swiss based SaveCoat Repair Departement actually also include repairs and spare parts for Powdersave II (PSII) and Powdersave III (PSIII). Due to obsolete and cancelled spare parts repair services for Powdersave I can’t be supported anymore. Devices based on the DeFelsko’s PosiTector PC Powder Checker Technology (e.g. PC Powder Checker, Powdersave XP (Link zur History),..) are excluded from the repair services as well.

Questions and answers …

Cost-effective Repair services including international shipping and customer clearance

For foreign customers a repair service at Swiss SaveCoat Repair Departement includes international shipment and reshipment as well as related customer clearances. Not following given procedures can cause enormous additional effort and costs. These extra costs hardely can be charged to the causer and therefore not prohibited will influence the repair rates themselves. To prevent a negative cost spiral a well defined procedure with corresponding instructions have been established and will be mailed together with the Repair Order ID on demand. As consequence acceptance will be denied for any repair shipments not following given instructions!

Why there are no quotations

Repairs of the powder gauges can’t be quoted. There is no way to diagnose and test finally without repairing step by step. Let’s assume a bad battery and a broken cable connector are diagnosed and quoted. After exchange of the battery and the cable connector other defects on the electric circuitry and probabely a partely loss of conductivity due to a broken mainboard are noticed?
The experience and statistics of the Swiss SaveCoat Repair Departement says that about 90% of all repair costs (not including shipment costs) have been below 750 CHF (Euro 700.-) respectively less than a tenth of a new gauge!
There exist very very rare repairs where the costs exceed 1000 CHF (Euro 930.-). In these cases the owner are contacted as soon as possible to find an accepable way to proceed.

How to get a SC Repair Order ID and Instructions how to proceed?

Just send an email to and ask for instructions for a powder gauge repair. Please make sure your email includes your correct mail address to contact you and add your specifique information as type and serial number of the specifique gauge to be repaired, or send us the completed ;repair order.

Shipping Address / VAT number

Please put the completed repair order into the parcel and send it to the following address:

Innotest AG
Hilagstr. 24
CH-8360 Eschlikon
VAT number: CHE-107.666.318
customs account number (ZAZ): 8200-9

Value Declaration

SaveCoat 7 / Elcometer 550 MK4

Age of device Value of goods in CHF.- Value of goods in Euro.-
up to 1 year 4976.- 4524.-
2 years 3300.- 3000.-
3 years 2121.- 1928.-
4 years 1298.- 1180.-
5 years 739.- 672.-

Powdersave II / III

Age of device Value of goods in CHF.- Value of goods in Euro.-
older than 6 years 550.- 500.-

Any questions left?

In case of any additional questions write an email to Please do not try to contact us or our R&D-partner Innotest AG by phone – your contact will not be able to help you and refuse to forward your call.