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Innotest AG was founded 1994 with the aim of realizing innovative non-destructive testing tools. Facing the industrial request to measure uncured powder coatings non-destructively, Dr. Peter Kreier and his team succeeded using airborne ultrasonics. Based on the patented technology hand held units have been made avaiable almost 20 years ago. Today Innotest AG is the world leader in non-contact powder gauging.

Time is moving …

In the last 10 years Innotest AG has technically improved and expanded functionality of their layerthickness and thickness gauging devices on their own. Without market-distorting public funding new products have been created. To mark off from less powerful imitator’s products the trademark “SaveCoat” was established and registered internationally.

Supplementary to the non-contact uncured powder gauge SaveCoat 7, SaveCoat 10 a non-contact handheld gauge to precisely measure coating and material layers up to a thickness of 8`000 μm (8 mm) has been developped and launched. This gauge can measure any non-conductive liquid, solid, powdery, or gelatinous coatings and layers on metallic carriers or against metallic references in real time. Applications are e.g.: wet paint, glueings, ceramics, foils, leather, fournier,..

The Innotest gauging techniques not just can be applied manually with handheld units. With high shot rates the techniques offers the chance to be automated and applied inline in real time. This is the reason why Innotest is developping progressive hardware-und software tools for communication with sensores, manipulators and robots. Parallel running services of an implemented operating system give access to the newest generation of word wide web (Industry 4).

Direct comparsion proves …

The original with established support network and reliable after sales earns your trust as well.

Charlie Briggs, President of Superior Powder Coating Stated “We have tried every pre-cure coating thickness gauge on the market an I can unequivocally state that the ®Elcometer 550 (= ®SaveCoat 7 Uncured Powder Thickness Gauge is the only instrument in its class that performs as advertised.“

measurement series carried out with a robot prove the superiority of the established Innotest technology in the important upper thickness range. Above about 70 microns the unit of the competitor just delivers wrong interpretations “coat to thick”

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