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Please read first the relevant chapter of the SaveCoat 7-manual (pages 11 and 12) very carefully.

SaveCoat 7 has an internal battery charging control/ indicator associated with charging electronics as well as a self-learning software-implemented energy management- and residual term measurement system.
In case of a (frequent) change of the battery pack without a proper state initialization (see manual page 11) and the repeated run of complete charge- and discharge cyles, the device has a lack of related energy measurements and the residual term measurement system will indicate unreliable or incorrect battery charge levels.
The same happens when charging is interrupted incompletely from the outside, as for example by unplugging the power supply etc.

Battery packs which are kept unused in the device or anywhere else for a longer period, are deeply discharged. A deeply discharged battery can no longer be loaded or activated by the charging electronics integrated in the device. For its reactivation a special external charging station is required.

It is recommended to operate the SaveCoat 7 meters only with well-conditioned original SC7-battery packs.  A proper function of the energy management- and the residual term measurement system as well as a reasonable operation time are only guaranteed, if complete charging- (and discharging) cycles are driven regularly (daily, every few days) and therefore the battery packs are well-conditioned. If a device is used with several battery packs, a proper conditioning of the battery packs without additional external charger is practically impossible and should be avoided. This kind of operating mode is not recommended!

A new well-conditioned battery pack allows a operating time of about 7 hours. If the operating time with a fully charged battery pack gets significantly shorter, a replacement of the battery pack is recommended (every 2-3 years).

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