Automated inline uncured powder coating thickness measurement

Innotest’s non-contact uncured powder gauging technology based on airborne ultrasonics offers good Capabilities for automation and inline application -even in real time. To meet recent requests in different powder lines automated inline gauging solutions have got in the center of interest due to economical, ecological and last but not least quality aspects.

To offer world wide first line support as well as remote control and data access a Web based concept (Industry 4.0) with a powerful hardware was the choice of the Innotest R&D engineers. Depending on the processing line as well as on the grade of automation and flexibility required different approaches and solutions from straight forward to really demanding ones can be selected from:

  • series production with fixed position and orientation controlled moving parts with fixed positionned sensorgun using a position Trigger to start measurement
  • Vertical production lines configuration with from part to part varying profiles realized with a profil reading laser and two axis manipulation system to drive the sensorgun
  • Roboter based sensorgun manipulation with part recognition and databased measurement point selection and definition

Non-contact measuring

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