Thickness Gauging <-> Cost Reduction <-> Quality Improvement <-> Environment Protection


 Measure of final Powdercoating Thickness before curing

-contactless -30 to 110 Microns final Coating -on any Carriers


®SaveCoat 7

A Swiss quality product

– noncontact with airborne ultrasound
– saves about 15% powder and reduces rework
– lowers costs and simultaniously protects the environment
– simply in use with optic, accoustic and laser
– optic user guiding systems
– ergonomic in use
– all available powders
– all powders
– one straight forward adjustment for all colours and carriers
(metallics, MDF, Wood, glass, plastics,..)

* from local distributor

Noncontact Thickness Gauging and Surface Profiling of wet Paint Coating, adhesive and nonadhesive Films, Glasses , Leather,… – up to 8’000 Microns – on metallic Carrier or metallic References

®SaveCoat 10

A Swiss quality product

– noncontact thickness measurement and surface profiling
– up to 8’000 microns on metallic carrier or reference
– Wide range of thickness monitoring applications : e.g. wet paint, adhesive
and nonadhesive layers, organic and nonorganic layers, leather, textiles,
foams, …


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