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®SaveCoat 10  - A Swiss quality product

New Non-Contact Thickness and Profiling Gauge

  • Measure thicknesses from 0-8000 μm with one adjustment against a metallic carrier or reference level
  • Measures a wide range of liquid, gelatinous and solid coatings as plastics, glasses, ceramics, wet and dry paints, foams, leathers, organic and nonorganic layers etc.
  • Proven base technology
  • Easy to use


®SaveCoat 7 - A Swiss quality product

Measuring uncured powder thicknesses

The new Powder Thickness Gauge ®SaveCoat 7 allows a quick and simple non-contact powder thickness measurement of uncured powder coatings. It’s various advantages convince all users. Why?

  • The handling is simple, the measurement is precise and  reliable
  • With regular measurements the powder consumption and costs can be reduced substantially. Expensive rework because of over-coated components can be avoided
  • Less powder consumption means also less ecological damage. With this property the ®SaveCoat 7 corresponds to the last environmental standards and to the company philosophies of many environmentally conscious companies
  • The ergonomic gun is designed for long and relaxed measurement in an upright position
  • And … It was constructed with the approved Swiss precision and quality awareness

 So, put your trust in a Swiss quality product, save money, reduce waste. Just test the new ®SaveCoat 7!



Saving costs by reducing the powder consumption and avoiding rework and waste – Examples for calculations with the ®SaveCoat 7

Using an uncured non-contact coating measurement, you ‘ll be able to apply the coating powder in accordance to the minimum requirements (p.e. Qualicoat) precisely and without any safety surcharge. Without increased yield material accumulations you save powder and avoid rework and waste.
The saving potential is enormous! The practice shows that it is between 10 to 20% and that the purchase costs of your powder thickness gauge are paid within a short period of time. Find out in the following table which is your personal saving potential and test the ®SaveCoat 7!

Examples for calculations of your sustained powder and cost savings 

Annual powder consumption 2 to 5 to 10 to 100 to
Saving potential 15% 0.3 to 0.75 to 1.5 to 15 to
Average powder price* 10 € 10 € 10 € 10 €
Savings / Cost reduction per month 250 € 625 € 1250 € 12500 €
Savings / Cost reduction per year 3000 € 7500 € 15000 € 150000 €
Amortization of the SC7 26 mo 11 mo 6 mo 3 w



                                                                               *These examples are based on average rates, which can vary according to the type of powder  and the purchased quantity.   
Reducing the powder consumption saves money and protects the environment!


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Comparison with competitors device

The following tabelle shows the measument results between a product of a competitor and ®SaveCoat 7




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